Crew Consulting Group specializes in high-stakes projects where alignment
and collaboration are an absolute
requirement for project success.


If your goal, as a leader, is to build and equip your project team
to increase efficiencies, manage risk, exploit opportunities, and deliver consistent
results together, then Crew is your go-to resource.


Teamwork Is Your Project’s Most Valuable Tool.

We design and facilitate a partnering process that will help ensure project results that constitute an extraordinary success for all project stakeholders.

We build a One-Team One-Project mindset where through enhanced trust, transparent communication,
and proactive planning, the collective team delivers better results together.

Crew Consulting Group

Our Services

  • Design and facilitate Collaborative Partnering process on high-stakes construction projects
  • Reset and turnaround problem construction projects.
  • Enhanced engagement and personal ownership of project and organizational teams
  • Align leadership teams around risks, realities, and possibilities of a project
  • Lessons-learned sessions with strategy implementation
  • Facilitate dispute resolution workshops
  • Single issue or farea-of-work breakthrough workshops
  • Goal setting workshops
  • Facilitate risk management workshops
  • Alliance building for long-term business relationships between organizations
  • Project health diagnostic surveys
Years of Experience
Projects Delivered Successfully
Project Savings
US States (and international too)
Projects Completed without Claims
Partnering is not an event, but a process.

Shift from Self-Protection to a Project-First Mindset

Partnering is an effective, proven process to build a collaborative, proactive, outcome-focused team. It is a structured process by which multiple key stakeholders with shared interests function as a high-performing team to achieve project success with mutual benefits to all. It requires empowering team members to solve problems at the lowest possible organizational level.

A Successful Partnering Arrangement
  • Produces Alignment around Common Goals
  • Creates Accountability for Project Outcomes
  • Improves Efficiency
  • Enhances Open Communication
  • Expedites Decision Making and Issue Resolution
  • Develops a Culture of Safety and Quality
  • Builds a Great Team that has fun and wants to work together again
A Word From Our Clients


  • “Paul Crotty was our partnering facilitator for the new Health & Social Services project for Solano County. It was the most effective formal partnering process I’ve gone through, primarily because it was so project-specific. Paul took time to understand our challenges and goals, and paid particular attention to details. The result was a relevant process that actually focused on specific project issues, and really helped the project team. In addition, the partnering sessions allowed us to educate the end-users about the Design/Build process, which made our job much easier in obtaining sign-off during the design phase. I would highly recommend Paul on future projects.”

    John Baker
    Project Executive AIA, LEED AP, Swinerton Management & Consulting
  • “Your partnering program holds the most potential for success out of any that I have ever seen. Most, if they ever get beyond the “kumbaya” stage, only establish vague goals that are immeasurable enough that no one is really accountable or challenged. If we stick to (and continually revisit) the plan you facilitated, we can truly make this a world class venture.”

    Contact information upon request
    U.S. Federal Government Owner
  • “Having a team where the organizational lines are blurred and everyone is accountable is the greatest behavioral concept you can have on a construction project. It exponentially multiplies the number of eyes and minds you have looking out for project success. And it saves everyone money”

    Bob Develle
    JPL Facilities
  • “Paul and I have had a long history over the past 20 years with some amazing successes. I initially met Paul when I was head of Construction Operations for St. Joseph’s Health System. When we made the commitment during planning to engage in partnering, we were able to complete that project four months early and 20% below the original target for the budget. Paul brings a diverse background to each project which holds people accountable but also has room to be empathetic. I highly recommend Paul for his experience in partnering and bringing together diverse teams.” 

    Jim Bostic
    Manager of Projects, Jacobs Engineering Group
  • “Paul has been the partnering facilitator for five jobs our company has engaged in with a variety of Public Works customers. He was initially recommended by the agency, and then, we recommended him to several other customers who wanted to get involved in the partnering process. Paul is always fully prepared for the partnering meeting, having done his homework so he has a good sense of what the issues are. Paul’s skill is in encouraging the group to talk about issues that need to be discussed and driving teams toward resolution of conflicts. He is always willing to have those tough conversations and while it is not always comfortable, it is always very effective. I would recommend Paul to anybody interested in the partnering process in construction.”

    Mike Crawford
    Chairman of the Board, Sukut Construction
  • “I’ve worked with Paul for quite a while now. He does a really good job of understanding the complexities of a particular project related to the work, schedule, risk, and interaction of the different stakeholders. Paul brings a particular skillset that helps us work through issues and hold each other accountable. In a group setting, you have certain folks who are forthcoming and like to command the stage, and that’s fine because they are getting their views known. But you also have folks who will be a lot more passive. And Paul is really good at engaging those folks so their issues, concerns and viewpoints are also heard. Paul was instrumental in the incredible success of our award – winning Cosumnes River Bridge Replacement Project where we delivered the project $9M below program budget and two years early.”

    George C. Delano
    P.E., Project Executive - California, Granite
  • “Paul has helped educate, not only my team but the contractors and partners we have brought to the table on the benefits of a win-win situation, by Identifying what success means. Too many times, owners define success as a profitable project. But sometimes, you might not make as much money but you will have created a bond and a partnership with a company, a contractor and your team that allows you to hit the ground running on the next project – which translates to an even bigger win. I have worked with Paul for six years now and it’s quite impressive how he very quickly gets in touch with the needs and challenges of a project. He understands how to read people and get the most out of every project. He’s helped us more than simple words can describe.”

    Bob Conshue
    Senior Director, Clearway Energy
A Few of Our Clients