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Crew Consulting Group specializes in high stakes projects where alignment and collaboration are an absolute requirement for project success. If your goal as a leader is to build your people into a team, so they can build a successful project together, in order to find opportunities to work together again, then we might be a powerful resource for you.

  • Over 20 Years of Experience working specifically with high stakes teams
  • Master Level Partnering Facilitator
  • Experience on $100 billion worth of construction projects.
It Takes Teamwork

For A Team to Work

Humans develop, design, and build your projects. When they are aligned and pulling in the same direction, with a sense of personal ownership, that is when amazing results are possible. When they are focused on defending their turf, protecting their margins, and pushing off risk, small changes become difficult and difficult conflicts become catastrophic.

As a project leader, your responsibility is to equip your crews, to provide them the resources and guidance that will enable them to deliver effectively. Smoothness, momentum and predictability are reliable gauges of how well they are delivering. But how often have teams started a project with the best of intentions only to find the “honeymoon” was over at the first major issue. You are responsible for your team and their results, however you cannot control your counterparts. And it takes teamwork for a team to work.

Finding Ways to

Deliver Better Project Results

Crew Consulting Group comes alongside your project’s leadership team as a neutral third-party. (Think of us as a proven project-team coach.) We align stakeholders with velocity, producing high performing teams that create possibilities in the midst of obstacles, collaboratively exploit opportunities, and find ways to deliver project results faster, safer, better. Ultimately, we help create projects where your people want to come to work, feel productive, grow in their professional role, and seek opportunities to work together again.

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We provide the best value tool for managing risk, controlling cost, and achieving overall program and project excellence.

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