Design and facilitation of a Collaborative Partnering process on high-stakes construction projects. Reset and turnaround of construction projects gone bad.


Facilitating lessons learned sessions with strategy implementation. Single issue or functional area of work breakthroughs and dispute resolution workshops.


Alignment and enhanced engagement of teams (i.e. JV teams, business units, company-wide). 


One day to multi-day workshops focusing on goal setting, defining success, and bringing teams together to execute effectively.


Building World - Class Teams

CREW has been extremely successful in designing processes that are tailored to meet the specific needs of the project and its stakeholders. We strive to create a process that is unique and will provide your project with the highest probability of creating a World Class team. CREW believes that the most complicated and complex programs require the most creative and collaborative teams.

World - Class Teams Produce Results

High performing teams average 11.7% in project savings and 85% of their projects end on time or early.
Why Work with CREW?



Proactive & collaborative discussion of potential risks with mitigation & prevention plans. Notion of shared team risk. Profitability openly discussed and supported.


Organizational lines are blurred & everyone is 100% accountable for everything. Help others without being asked.


Intentional willingness to acknowledge vulnerability, express transparency and seek help if needed. Not willing to let partners fail.

Saving Time

Conflicts resolved, or if not, quickly elevated to the next level without ill will or rancor. Still trust partners and the job continues moving forward.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement that is measured. Ongoing review of goals & key processes. Team members learn and grow.

Happy Clients

Clients delighted & lifelong relationships created. Teams are Viewed as Trusted Business Advisors and Client, CM, and Inspectors as Coaches. Teams have fun.