Matthew Smith


Mr. Smith supported Mr. Crotty and the team at Ventura Consulting Group starting in 2012, and has served as a data analyst for Crew Consulting Group since 2021. Mr. Smith creates and sends the monthly online partnering surveys that measures the progress of Crew’s clients. He develops the monthly scorecard that reports the survey results, highlighting successes, challenges, and areas of focus. Mr. Smith’s manages new leads and handling day-to-day activity of the monthly surveys, including scheduling, sending surveys, collecting responses from the project team and creating the reports to the project team.

Matt graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2005 and worked as a Sr. Customer Service Executive and Team Leader prior to working at Crew Consulting Group. In his spare time, he loves to read books and play football.

Contact Info

Phone : 919-740-4743
Email : [email protected]