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Paul Crotty is president and founder of Crew Consulting Group, a construction industry – oriented consulting firm that provides seasoned experience in partnering – facilitating complex and challenging projects, nationwide. Specifically, Mr. Crotty works with executives, project management teams, and stakeholder groups to develop and enhance the effective collaboration of human systems; aligning and empowering teams to produce results with efficiency and momentum.

Since 2000, Mr. Crotty’s specialty has been in designing and facilitating partnering programs for 100s of diverse project teams, internationally and across the U.S. By working with diverse teams throughout his career, Mr. Crotty has developed the ability to adapt quickly, see the big picture, and lead a coordinated approach to reach successful outcomes.

Mr. Crotty is a turnaround expert for complex, high-stakes, and problem construction projects, as he has an uncanny ability to push past personalities, zero in on underlying issues, and uncover unrealized opportunities. He has a proven track record of coordinating commitments from all the necessary stakeholders and creating high-performing teams that are able to produce consistent, measurable program and project results.

Certified as a Master Facilitator by the International Partnering Institute (IPI), Mr. Crotty has supported billions of dollars of construction projects with every type of delivery method. His clients include: NAVFAC, USACE, GSA, VA, DOE, U.S. State Department, various Health Systems, Intel, JPL, and Fermilab. He has supported and facilitated partnership programs in cities and counties from coast to coast, multiple state DOTs, airports, and water treatment facilities, schools, wind & solar farms, energy and mining projects, and even an international offshore gas storage project, all with military-level precision.

Prior to founding Crew Consulting Group, Mr. Crotty served as a Master Facilitator and Large Program Director with Ventura Consulting Group, an industry-leading partnering consulting firm, overseeing the firm’s East Coast and International Operations. His previous work experience as an associated pastor for a large, California church similarly involved leading teams overseas in mission work. His work with missions stems from his prior role, though it may seem unlikely. From 1994 to 1998, Mr. Crotty served in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantry Platoon Commander, then as a Company Commander, leading teams of up to 360 Marines, both stateside and in foreign countries.

This experience of working with all personality types, cultures, and backgrounds in over 27 countries is an asset that Mr. Crotty brings today to his daily work and which contributes to the high level of engagement and accountability at all levels of operations on each of his projects. By exploring great ideas, he is able to identify solutions, turn them into then strategic solutions, then executable action plans that provide a broad win for all parties involved for the long run.

Mr. Crotty graduated Cum Laude from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California where he majored in psychology. He has received multiple Marvin M. Black Awards for Achievement in Partnership & Teamwork Excellence on major construction projects from the American Association of General Contractors. Mr. Crotty has additionally been awarded multiple IPI Partnering Awards through the years for excellence and leadership in his facilitation services. He remains a longtime member of IPI where he has served as a mentor for new facilitators and given presentations for IPI and other professional associations.

Mr. Crotty resides in Houston, Texas where he enjoys spending time with his family, attending his sons’ sporting events, reading, and taking walks with his dogs.

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